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Verizon Cost Study, MPSC Case No. U-15210

Field Law Group represented a coalition of CLECs as the only active industry participant in Verizon’s most recent Michigan cost study filed, MPSC Case No. U-15210.  The advocacy of Field Law Group and its expert, Dr. Robert Loube of Rolka, Loube Saltzer Associates, contributed to an order by the Michigan Public Service Commission, approving significantly lower costs than Verizon had requested.  Instead of Verizon’s filed cost of $34.44 per month for Verizon’s 2 Wire Analog and xDSL Loops, the MPSC ultimately approved a cost of $21.44 per month,   Instead of Verizon’s filed cost of $6.35 per month per Air Line Mile for a DS-1 Transport Facility, the cost ultimately approved was less than 20% of the cost that Verizon had filed, or $1.17 per month per month per Air Line Mile.  In addition, the Commission limited Verizon’s increase in non-recurring charges from its previous cost case to 10%, and required Verizon to reduce any newly filed non-recurring costs by 50%.

As a result to the lower costs approved by the MPSC in Case No. U-15210, the viability of competition in Verizon service territories was dramatically enhanced.  The Commission’s Order is available at