Strategy - Diligence - Results

In 2003, Mr. Witte and Mr. Field negotiated and arbitrated a comprehensive ICA between Verizon North and TelNet Worldwide, Inc. The docket filings and MPSC Orders issued in the case can be viewed at:

The arbitration notably produced the first arbitrated comprehensive ICA for Verizon North’s Michigan territories. In addition, the ICA included several negotiated rates that were lower than rates Verizon otherwise offered in Michigan. For example, the rate for a DS1 circuit was approximately two-thirds lower than otherwise available.

Verizon appealed two issues it had lost before the MPSC to the U. S. District Court. In its appeal, Verizon North was represented by law firms from Detroit, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC. Field Law Group prevailed on both issues. The District Court’s Order can be viewed at:

For years, the TelNet ICA remained the only arbitrated ICA in Michigan that CLECs providing service in Verizon North territory could adopt.